Admin Settings

Ever been scrolling through internal admin settings and thought, I wonder what all these do? Well, here you go!


  • Two Factor Authentication— allows for 2FA login (extra secure!) when logging into Levitate. This feature requires a ticket submission to engineering via Support.

  • Create Contacts from Calendar— allows Levitate to attempt to create contacts based on who is listed on your calendar event (this requires that you are operating on an email platform that allows calendar connection + Schedule a Meeting, aka we have to be able to read your calendar). Read more here.

  • Default Contact Visibility— choices: Public or Private— this allows Levitate users to either keep their contacts 'Private' to them or 'Public' and shared with other Levitate users on their account.

  • CC employee during a campaign send— allows sender of a campaign to CC another Levitate user on the campaign itself (the CC'd user will receive a copy of every sent message)

  • Allow CSM to view "My Campaigns"— allows Customer Success Specialist to view your templates (i.e. templates you've created) when accessing the content calendar through admin

  • Send Campaigns on Employees Behalf— allows Admin or Super Admin to set up emails, text messages, and social media posts from another user— with no indication that it wasn't set up by the chosen sender. Read more about Send on Behalf here.

  • Delete Renewal Key Facts— allows for deletion of old renewal key facts for companies updating data via Data Refresh.

  • Any User Can Edit Notes— allows for all users on the account to be able to edit notes on contact profiles, not just the creator of the note.

  • Maximum Group Automation Contacts— how many contacts can be included when starting an automation— default is 5K but can be upped in intervals of 1K, up to 10K, via Support ticket. Does not pertain to daily send limit.

  • Maximum Group Send Contacts— how many contacts can be included on a single campaign— default is 5K but can be upped in intervals of 1K, up to 10K, via Support ticket. Does not pertain to daily send limit.

  • Maximum Daily Email Sends— how many emails, per account, can be sent in a 24-hour period. Does not include HTML newsletters sent out via custom HTML domain, but does include HTML newsletters if being sent through own provider. 5K is our limit— read more about why here.

  • Import Contacts From Email Provider— allows Levitate to attempt to create contacts from your email provider address book. Works best with integrated email platforms like Microsoft Office and Google Workspace. Read more about why here.

  • Create Contacts From Sent Emails— allows Levitate to attempt to create contacts from your sent messages. Works best with integrated email platforms like Microsoft Office and Google Workspace. Read more about why here.

  • Smart Salutations Enabled— when using {{merge fields}} like {{first name}} in campaigns, Smart Salutations will allow for a 'fall back' greeting like Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, if there is no first or display name listed.

  • Use User BCC Email Always— when enabled, all emails sent through Levitate will be BCC'd to the user's connected email address.

  • Disable Mobile Apps— disallows access to Levitate mobile app

  • Hide Companies Tab— allows for 'Companies' tab under 'Contacts' to be hidden

  • Custom Fields



  • Profile Enrichment— if set on for 'Companies,' will allow for Levitate to attempt to round out company information

  • Weekly Tagging Game Reminder— if toggled on, will show weekly dashboard reminder for the Tagging Game

  • HTML Newsletters— allows for users to create and send HTML (non-plain text) emails out through Levitate (upon activation the customer's physical address and an unsubscribe link must be provided and set up as a signature to comply with CAN-SPAM) & a custom HTML domain must be created (unless planning to send via own email provider, due to compliance reasons or personal preference)— read more about custom HTML domains here.

  • Maximum HTML Newsletter Contacts— how many contacts can be sent an HTML newsletter at once— default is 5K but can be upped in 1K intervals, up to 10K, via Support ticket.

  • Start on Employee's Behalf— allows for automations, via Dashboard Card, to be started by an admin for another employee, from the senders email address or phone number. Read more about sending on behalf.

  • Required Role to view all opportunities— choose between User, Admin, and Super Admin. Allows for a toggle between which role type is allowed to see opportunities past the ones that they create.

  • Allow company name to be required— will require a company name to be provided when booking a meeting.

  • Digest emails— allows for a digest email, of the week's activities, to be sent to each administrator on the account.

  • Daily Send Limit— this is the per number, per day texting send limit. Default is 250 per day and can be raised through Brand and Campaign registration.
  • Hourly Send Limit— sets up how many texts can be sent per number per hour.
  • Second Between Sends— sets up how many seconds are waited before the next scheduled text goes out. Having cadence limitations are useful in keeping carriers from marking text messages as spam.

  • Texting Provider— Bandwidth— Bandwidth is where all Levitate texting numbers are stored, and allowed SMS capabilities.

  • Handwritten Cards— turns on the ability to purchase and send out Handwritten Cards.

  • + Add Custom Card— allows Success specialist or Support team to import a client's image (high resolution PNGs encouraged) to be used on the front of a handwritten card.

  • Households— allows for the grouping of contacts by households, available via Redtail or Wealthbox integration, or CSV upload with household identifiers. Read more about households here.

  • Send to households by default— toggled on allows the auto-coupling of household members when sending out emails or handwritten cards.

  • Timeline— allows for full view of notes, emails, activities on each contact profile.

  • Translations— shows the ability to translate email campaign templates into other languages.

  • Public API— allows users to generate API Keys for connection to third party apps, like Zapier.

Email Tracking

  • Track Clicked Emails— enables the ability to track 'clicks' on any links within emails sent through Levitate (clicks refers to the recipient clicking on a link within the body of the email). Read more about group email analytics.

  • Scan Email for Leads— enables the ability for Levitate to 'read' emails in your connected inbox and create contacts out of lead information, in conjunction with a custom lead parser. Read more about leads and lead parsing.

  • Log Scanned Emails— allows us to keep track of emails that have been scanned for leads.

  • Send Email for New Leads— enables an email notification to be sent out whenever a new contact is created by a Lead Parser.

  • Save Email As Note Default— will allow emails to be saved as a note in Levitate and elsewhere.


  • Show Upcoming Birthdays to: choose between 'Connections' and 'Owner Only'— allows for non-owner contacts to toggle between birthdays (and other key dates) of contacts they own vs. all contacts on dashboard cards.

  • Show Internal Meetings— if toggled on, meetings scheduled between Levitate users will show on the contact profile's timeline.

  • Suppress Contacts Removed from Key Date Sends— if a contact showing on a key date dashboard card is 'X'ed out, they will not be included in key date sends for that selected group.

  • Show Turning 65/72/73 Dashboard Cards— if toggled on, will show contacts turning 65 in the next 60/90/120/365 days on a dashboard card. Read more about these here.

  • Show Renewals Cards— pick from 30, 60, 90, and 120 days.

  • Suppress Contacts Removed from Renewal— Will suppress any other renewals (even for different policies) through the selected period. Enable this to stop a renewal reminder from appearing again for a given contact.

  • +Add Custom Dashboard Card— allows for the creation of a Custom Dashboard Card based on a Key Fact Phrase. Allows us to look ahead 30/60/90/120/365 days.


  • Reset Account— allows for the permanent clearing of contacts, companies, and tags.

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