Group Email Report: Email Analytics


The Group Email Report is a holistic view and workspace of your Completed, In-Progress, and Scheduled group sends

Users can check to see which contacts received, opened, and responded. A list of contacts whose emails bounced or failed is also available. Users can send follow-up emails to the various cohorts directly from the email report.

Accessing the Group Email Report

1. Click the Tags and Reports link on the left-hand navigation bar

2. Click the Email Report button

Now, you should see a list of your group sends with the Emailed (Sent), Viewed (Opened), Replied (Response), and Failed Rates of each send.

Breaking down the Analytics of a Particular Email

  1. Continuing from step 3, Click the Subject of an email

2. Click the number associated with Sent (Emailed), Opened (Viewed), Replied, No Email, or Failed to see the specific recipients that align to that category. You'll also notice the timestamp marking their move to that category.

Note: Contacts in the Failed category will be tagged with "Email Bounced" to prevent you from sending to them in the future.

Exporting the Email Report

Levitate enables you to export your Email Report to an excel sheet. This provides a list of recipients and their send-status + timestamp.

  1. Click the Download Report button

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