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Data Boards

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Release Notes

Find details on our new updates and features.

30 articles

Text Registration

Everything you need to know about 10DLC text message registration

5 articles

Getting Started

Logging in to your account for the first time.

10 articles

User Settings & Setup

How to connect your account and setup your signature.

13 articles


Templates, merge fields, signatures and how to view campaign suggestions.

18 articles

Sending Emails

How to create, edit and send an email campaign.

32 articles

Handwritten Cards

Send a physical card to your contacts.

5 articles


How to create, edit and delete contacts in your account.

24 articles

Data & Integrations

How to import your data.

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Reporting & Tracking

How to view reports and analytics on your account.

12 articles


How to create, edit and manage tags on your contacts.

6 articles


How to setup the different automations and view your reports.

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Social Media

How to connect and post content to your social media accounts.

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How to create and send a text message to your contacts.

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Levitate Downloads

How to download and use our mobile app, gmail and outlook plug-in.

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More Features

Additional features available.

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