Request a Number to Text With

Levitate will provide you with a unique phone number that you can text with (calls are not supported).

To request a number, go to the "Texting" section. If your account has a business address on file with us, we will provide a number based on your zip code. If we do not have your business address on file, you may request a number based on the desired area code.

Once a number is assigned, it is always displayed on the top left-hand corner.

Start texting by clicking on the blue button next to your phone number. You may type in a name to search for a contact.

  • If a contact does not have a number, we will ask you to enter the number prior to texting
  • If a contact has multiple phone numbers (this is very common), you will be asked to select a number to text with.

You can send attachments (PNGs, PDFs, JPGs) using the paperclip icon. The attachment size is 4.5 MB.

Managing Text Notifications

You can manage text notifications by going to Settings (under your name on the top-right hand corner) and scrolling down to the notification section.

A contact has multiple phone numbers on their contact profile, is there any preference when starting a text?

If there is a number that's been identified as a mobile number, we will attempt to text that first. Otherwise, if the numbers are al ljust listed as 'phone number' we will attempt to text based on what's listed on the contact profile first.

Text Campaigns

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Texting & Automation

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Do's and Do Not's of Texting

Texting is another channel for you to communicate with your clients. As with emails, there are some good practices we recommend, and situations to avoid.

DO introduce yourself in the first text.

DO keep it personal and conversational — we included emoji's!

DO keep it short.

DO reply promptly.

DON'T mass blast — just as with emails, you must comply with the CAN-SPAM act. Similar to email addresses, your phone number can also be flagged for spam and be rejected by carriers. Levitate is not providing the mass blast capability for this initial release of the texting feature.

DON'T text clients at night — keep it during business hours.

DON'T text a client if they prefer another communication channel. Create a key fact to remind yourself their communication preference.

For more tips and texting use-cases, please watch our Webinar recording here.

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