Text Campaigns

Hoping to send out, or schedule out, a text message to multiple contacts? Use text campaigns!

Just like with emails, users can search via the Contacts page, select who to send to, and set up a send.

You can select by tag group(s) or individually.

Add a title to the campaign, type in text, and schedule out the send to selected contacts. Like our email send flow, choose to send right away, or schedule out to a date in the future.

Drafting a text campaign:

Scheduling it out:

Once a text is scheduled out, or sent, reporting is available through Tags & Reports.

See all campaigns that have been sent, cancelled, and scheduled. Scheduled campaigns can be rescheduled and cancelled. A CSV report for the individual send can also be downloaded here, by clicking the green icon on the righthand side of each text send.

Daily texting limits apply!

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