Social Media

Levitate users have access to our social media content and can post them to their social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin - with Facebook being available first).

Note: Social Media is available on select plans. If you are unsure of your plan please reach out to your success specialist or Levitate support for assistance.

Connecting to Facebook

Before a user can start posting, he/she needs to connect their Facebook account by navigating to the Settings > Personal Settings > Social Media section.

Please note that the user must be able to post to a business page. It is not possible to post to a personal page currently.

If the Facebook account has access to business pages AND has posting rights, the available business page will pop up after authenticating via Facebook:

Once a business page is connected, a confirmation pop up will display and the status will change:

Browse Levitate's Social Media Content

Levitate's social media content is hosted within the Campaign section. Look out for any campaign that has the blue doggy ear.

Users can also search for "social media" in the top search bar and it will only display campaigns that also have a social media version.

Click on the blue corner to go straight to the social media post, or view the campaign and click on the social media icon to access the social media post.

Editing the Post

In the screen above, the user has the ability to check where they want to share this post (right now it's just Facebook,with Instagram and Linkedin soon to follow). One can edit the content, AND add an image. We have access to a ton of royalty free images or the user can add their own.

On the right hand side, a preview of the post is visualized. At this point, the user can choose to point this right away (takes about 5 minutes) or schedule it for later, just like a regular email campaign.

Once a social media post is scheduled, the user may see it on the, as well as the social media reporting section. From both areas, you will be able to edit or cancel the post at any time.

If you happen to be disconnected from the social media platform, we will send you an email and also show you a warning in the reporting section.

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