Levitate is live as an app in Zapier! We can use Zapier to connect other platforms that you're using to Levitate to provide automatic updates.

Currently, we offer the ability to either pull in new contacts or update existing contacts via Zapier connection.

Is Zapier free?

Levitate will never charge you to implement a Zapier connection, however, Zapier itself will most likely cost. Each month, each Zapier account is set with a certain number of 'tasks;' a task is essentially an action like an update of an email address or an addition of a new contact. Free users on Zapier will only have 100 tasks to use per month, which will most likely not support the number of tasks needed to keep the flow of data going into Levitate.

Read more about Zapier pricing here.

Sign up for Zapier here.

What can I pull into Levitate using Zapier?

Right now, we're able to bring in basic contact information like name, email address, phone number, etc. We're working on adding the capability to pull in higher level information like birthdate, policy information, and more. Keep your eyes peeled!

Which platforms can I connect Levitate + Zapier with?

AgencyBloc — AgencyBloc x Zapier x Levitate set up

Bloomerang— Bloomerang x Zapier x Levitate set up

What if I don't have AgencyBloc or Bloomerang?

If you're interested in using Zapier but don't use AgencyBloc or Bloomerang, we can guide you through attempting to get a Zap set up. For apps that we haven't verified, like AgencyBloc or Bloomerang, we can't guarantee everything will work as expected— but we're happy to assist in trying out connections to apps available on the Zapier platform.

Not every software is available to connect to Zapier. You can check out which apps are set up to be used with Zapier, here.

Once you've confirmed that your software of choice is available through Zapier, you can follow these steps...

  1. Go to Zapier
  2. Choose 'Create' and then 'Zaps' in the dropdown menu that appears— big orange button in the upper lefthand corner
  3. From there, choose 1. Trigger, and choose which software you'd like to connect to Levitate via Zaps
  4. Choose an event— currently this event is limited to 'Contact Created or Updated'— sometimes you will have to create a Zap for Contact Created and a Zap for Contact Updated, it just depends on your software! Some have an event that combines the two actions.
  5. Once you choose the event, you will be prompted to log in to your account associated with this software. For the most part, if the software is on Zapier, you'll just get a pop-up where you'll sign in using your login credentials for that software. Sometimes it is more complex and might require an API key from that software.
  6. Once you're logged in to that software, you might need to choose an account from a dropdown menu, but it's usually just limited to your own account in the software. Sometimes, basic users (i.e. non-admins or owners of the software/license aren't able to use Zapier). You might also see properties that will be pulled in from your software— these will be things like name, adddress, etc. You can click continue and then test your trigger. Testing your trigger is just testing the connection between your software and Zapier. You'll see a sample of contact information, and click 'Continue with selected record.'
  7. Now, the fun part- LEVITATE! You'll get to choose an action, i.e. you'll choose Levitate!
  8. To get your Levitate account connected here, you will need to access a Levitate API Key. It's easier than it sounds!
    1. To access, go to your Levitate dashboard, and go to the drop down menu under your name in the upper righthand corner. From there, choose 'Integrations.' You should see 'API Keys' and a button that says 'Manage Keys'— click that button.
    2. Once you've made it to the next page, choose 'Generate Key' in the upper right corner, and name the key (I would recommend Zapier + whatever software you're using). Once you name it, you can copy it.
  9. When you choose Levitate, you will be prompted via pop-up to enter that API key that you just copied! Paste it into the space provided in the pop-up and you'll be good to go.
  10. Then, the very important part comes in— mapping the information that you want to pull in to Levitate.
    1. There is only one required field— but it's the most vital field— the Contact ID. Every software typically assigns each contact a unique ID (long string of numbers and/or letters for unique identification). To identify and merge contact information in Levitate, we'll be employing these contact IDs. Before you publish this Zap, PLEASE confirm that the contact ID in your software has been imported to Levitate (associated with each contact) via Spreadsheet. If the contact ID is not already in Levitate, kicking off this Zap will only create duplicate contacts, updates will not merge into existing contact profiles.
    2. Once you. have confirmed that your contact's IDs are uploaded to Levitate via spreadsheet import, you're able to map the fields that you want to come over in addition to the ID. We can pull in:
      1. Last Name
      2. First Name
      3. Email Address— multiple email addresses can be pulled in, first listed will be primary email in Levitate
      4. Phone Number— multiple phone numbers can be pulled in, first listed will be first tried when attempting to send text message to contact
      5. Address Data— Street Addresses, City, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code, etc.
      6. Tags
        1. Add the first tag by typing in the first bar you see available (not the second, search bar)— we recommend typing in the name of your system so that every contact pulled in and updated here will be tagged. For example, if I'm connecting Hubspot, I'll just make the tag 'Hubspot' and every contact pulled or updated by Zapier to Levitate will be tagged with 'Hubspot.'
        2. You can also pull in tags for Status, like active or inactive, and Type, like client, prospect, referral source, etc. as long as they're listed in your original software.
  11. Now that all that data is mapped, you'll hit continue, and then 'Test Step' just to confirm that everything is pulling over correctly into Levitate from your software.
  12. After the test runs, you can hit continue, and then move to publish the Zap!
  13. Pro-tip, before the Zap is published make sure to name it! I recommend naming it 'Your Software + Levitate' so it's easy to identify.
  14. Once you hit publish, it's live! New contacts and/or contact updates will automatically push into Levitate from your software. You can turn Zaps off at any time by toggling the switch in the upper left corner of the Zap.

How is ownership assigned to contacts pulled in from Zapier?

The user that generates the API key in Levitate will be assigned as owner of the contacts pulled into Levitate.

Need more help?

Reach out to your Success Specialist who can set you up with a Zapier Implementation meeting.

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