User Permissions


Levitate is a feature-rich Client Engagement and Happiness Platform that is appropriately tailored for the unique needs of users, admins, and industries. This article touches on permission-based questions that we receive. 

For Instance...

Some organizations in the Insurance Industry may have one Levitate Administrator who schedules campaigns and renewal/birthday emails to send on behalf of all of their users. Financial Advisors may keep their contact list private and schedule their own content upon compliance approval. Other Financial Advisors my have a team in communication with their contacts. Therefore, users may have access to different workflows and information than their colleagues. 

Common Questions

Is there a reason why other users can't see what's sent from our agency account?

Why have the number of renewals [anniversaries, birthdays, key dates]  I'm seeing on the dashboard doubled or tripled?

Why does it tell me that I'm sending for other people? 

Can I send renewal reminders and birthday emails? 

Can admins view all campaigns, even if the visibility option was set to "private"? 

Features and Permissions

Please note that this is a consolidated list based off of commonly asked questions.

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