Renewal Emails

Renewal Reminders

Renewal reminders are grouped by month and appear 2 months in advance, by default. This way, Levitate Users can simply schedule out their “November” renewals to all send on the same day.

Adding a Contact’s Renewal Date

1. Click the Contacts tab on the left-hand navigation bar

2. Click a Contact’s Name

3. Click the Add Key Fact

4. Type “renews on 11/15” or “[Policy] renews on November 15”

Scheduling Renewal Emails

1. Click the orange [Month] Renewals box

2. [Optional] Click the dropdown arrow beside the template name to choose a different renewal template

3. Review the recipient list to remove any recipient from receiving an email

4. Click the blue Next: Send Options button

5. Select the send date and time

6. Click the blue Schedule button

Renewal Emails are not Automatically Scheduled

While the renewal notifications appear automatically, a Levitate user must manually schedule the emails to send. There are times when Levitate Users would rather not send a renewal email to a particular contact. Levitate gives users the opportunity to review their renewal list prior to scheduling the emails.

Creating a Custom Renewal Email Template

To create your own renewal email template for future use, create a new email template with “Renewal” in the template name.