Renewal Emails

Renewal Reminders

Renewal reminders are grouped by month and appear 2 months in advance, by default. This way, Levitate Users can simply schedule out their “November” renewals to all send on the same day.

Adding a Contact’s Renewal Date

1. Click the Contacts tab on the left-hand navigation bar

2. Click a Contact’s Name

3. Click the Add Key Fact

4. Type “renews on 11/15” or “[Policy] renews on November 15”

Scheduling Renewal Emails

1. Click the orange [Month] Renewals box on the dashboard - there are typically multiple months highlighted, so you can pick the month you want to send renewal emails for.

2. [Optional] Click the dropdown arrow beside the template name to change the template, or use the default one we've supplied. You can also edit this to your liking!

If you are the admin of the Levitate account, you can send renewal emails on behalf of the contact owners (see drop-down option under the template name picker). If you do not have this option, you are either not the admin, or the feature is not turned on for you. Please reach out to or your Success Manager to have this ability turned on.

3. Review the recipient list to remove any recipient from receiving an email

4. Click the blue Next: Send Options button

5. Select the send date and time

6. Click the blue Schedule button

Renewal Emails are not Automatically Scheduled

While the renewal notifications appear automatically, a Levitate user must manually schedule the emails to send. There are times when Levitate Users would rather not send a renewal email to a particular contact. Levitate gives users the opportunity to review their renewal list prior to scheduling the emails.

Creating a Custom Renewal Email Template

To create your own renewal email template for future use, create a new email template with “Renewal” in the template name. 

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