Connection Types for QQ Catalyst, AMS360, and HawkSoft

The basics

Each contact in Levitate has one contact owner, and is able to have a multitude of connections. Now, leveraging information that's already in QQ Catalyst, AMS360, and HawkSoft Levitate is able to use 'connection types' to make sending out different types of messages, from different types of contacts, more seamless.

What it'll look like

Now, in addition to sending from ‘Contact Owner’ or one cherry picked user, users can send from any of the connection types defined in their source system. 

For QQ Catalyst and HawkSoft, it’s CSR and Producer, for AMS 360 it’s Executive and Representative. 

Contact Ownership + Mapping

As far as contact ownership goes, mapping for ownership will still be determined in each account's integration settings— ownership can be mapped by CSR, Producer, etc.— and connection type will not change or override ownership mapping.

All connection types will now be mapped on the Integration’s settings page. 

Note you can now also filter down the user mapping table by the “type” column using the dropdown in the top right hand corner.

How to get a send set up on behalf of a connection type

When setting up a send on behalf of other users, the drop down menu seen above can be used to choose which connection type the message will be sent from, i.e. if you want to send a Holiday Greeting from the Producer, but a renewal from the CSR, that is now totally possible— as long as those fields are properly entered in via the integrated software.

If there is no connection type that matches what is chosen, the sender will default to Contact Owner. 

A few reminders!

In order to see the option to send on behalf of a connection type like CSR or Producer, the option to Send on Behalf must be turned on, as well— in admin.

Automations are not currently supported so you will not see the new connection type options regardless of what the 'Send Bday/Renewal Email' setting is set to.

Currently, connection types are only available for Levitate users that are integrated with HawkSoft, QQ Catalyst, and AMS360.

Sending out automation steps by connection type

If you're setting up a new automation, and want to make specific steps go out from a specific connection type, you're able to set that up!

What it'll look like when setting up an automation:

*Reminder that the 'Always send this set from' dropdown will only show for HawkSoft, QQ, and AMS360 integrated accounts.

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