Admin Send on Behalf of Users

Levitate's Admin Send on Behalf of Users feature increases organizational by allowing admins to create a campaign for all of their users at once. This way, one person can schedule a holiday email to their "Client" tag, but have it send from the contact owner 's email address and signature. The Admin Send on Behalf Feature must be enabled by your Levitate Customer Success or Support team. 

Sending on Behalf of Contact Owners

When starting your send, click the dropdown beside Send From and click Contact owner of the recipient .

Note, the default signature of each contact owner will appear in each of their emails when the send initiates.

Select the tag group to receive the campaign

Schedule the Campaign

Checking the Scheduled Email

Click Tags & Reports, then Email Report, then click the Plus Button beside the scheduled send. 

Now, you will see the Campaigns associated with each Contact Owner.

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