Contact Ownership

Contact Ownership describes the Levitate User that is directly aligned to a particular contact. There can and must be only one Contact Owner for a unique contact, ensuring a default sender for many of Levitate's robust features. There are many different ways that a Contact Owner can be assigned to a contact. 

Contact Ownership

While there can only be one Contact Owner for a unique contact, Contact Connections are Levitate Users who have corresponded with the contact. By default, contact-specific notifications (like Birthday reminders) and automations (like New Client Automations) are sent from the Contact Owner. As well, Levitate Admins can schedule emails to an entire tag group and ensure that the email is sent from the Contact Owner. This way, one person in the office can schedule campaigns, but ensure the client receives it from a familiar name. 

Assigning Contact Ownership

Delegation of Contact Ownership is entirely specific to the Organization. Please reach out to your Levitate Admin or Success Manager to understand how your organization assigns Contact Ownership. 

Generally speaking, Contact Ownership is assigned upon Contact Creation. Some organizations have an integration configured between Levitate and their client management system for contact management. Other organizations upload a spreadsheet of contacts into Levitate to create their contacts. Manual Contact Creation within Levitate and Email Syncing are options for creating contacts. 


Most client management systems have employees listed as  "Producer" / "Account Manager" / "Owner" for each contact. So, if Jasmine is listed as the "Account Manager" of 300 contacts in their office's client management system, Levitate will map Jasmine as the Contact Owner of the same 300 contacts in Levitate. 

Spreadsheet Uploads

Each Levitate User is assigned a UserID in Levitate. When uploading a spreadsheet of contacts to create them in Levitate, this "UserID" can be used as the "OwnerID" for contact ownership. So, each of Derek's 200 contacts would have his UserID in their row of the spreadsheet and each of Miguel's contacts 250 contacts would have his UserID in each row. 

Manual Contact Creation

When a contact is manually created in Levitate, the user creating the contact will be assigned as the contact owner. 

Email Sync

When a Levitate User's email or calendar syncs with Levitate and creates a new contact, that Levitate User will be the contact owner. Any other users whose email/calendar include the same contact will be listed as a Contact Connection in Levitate.

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