From granular details for users and high-level information for leadership, The Levitate Opportunities Board enables companies to visualize and track deal/relationship progression. Levitate admins can design this kanban board with phases specific to their organization. From there, users can add Opportunity Cards and slide from phase to phase as the relationship progresses. 

Creating an Opportunity 

Users can create contact-specific opportunities to track the the details, values, and progression of their deals.

Historical activity is available from within the Opportunity Card! 

Designing the Board

Admins can customize columns to reflect their organization's unique cycle. 

Utilizing the Board

Users can filter the board for a customized view!

Multiple opportunity boards

We've added the ability for accounts with the opportunity board feature enabled to create multiple opportunity boards. Previously we limited accounts to one opportunity board.

Levitate users can now track multiple facets of their business, different ventures, or have opportunity boards unique to each user for more granular tracking.

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