The why behind our new custom HTML domains

On February 1st, 2024, Google and Yahoo have implemented a daily cap of 5K sends to specifically Google and Yahoo users. In order to best protect our clients and their email domains, we've made a few changes around how HTML newsletters will send out to avoid any stoppage or spam classification.

  1. Each Levitate account hoping to send an HTML newsletter through Levitate's server will now have a custom domain— the sending address will be formatted like this: but will be formatted to show as First Name Last Name in the inbox of the recipient and when the recipient goes to reply, the reply will come directly back to your connected email address.
  2. Don't want to send through Levitate's server? That's totally fine! If you'd like to send out HTML newsletters from your own email address, and domain, but newsletters will now count towards your account wide send limit of 5K & send on the cadence that your plain text emails are set to send at. Sending through our server, from your custom domain, will allow:
    1. HTML messages to go out faster, the limit is 5K a day for that custom domain.
    2. Less likelihood of running into being flagged by Google and Yahoo.

Previously, HTML newsletters that were not set to send through the client's server sent through one Levitate owned domain (Levitate.Mail), now, each account will have their own newsletter server, which will be more recognizable in the recipient's inbox and less likely to be caught by spam or promotions folders.

For existing newsletter users, Levitate has purchased a customer-specific newsletter domain that can not be edited by the account or by the Success specialist. If there's an issue with the domain itself, or if you'd like to change the domain, contact Support and we will provide support on a case-by-case basis.

For new newsletter users, Success or Implementation specialists will be able to assist the client in entering a desired domain. Domains take about 10-15 minutes to provision, and will not be available for sending until after that refractory period.

Read more about Google and Yahoo's new limitations here.

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