Daily Send Limits + Send Limitations

December 2023 Update:

Each account has an account wide limit of 5,000 emails per 24-hour period that applies to all outbound emails, plain text and HTML newsletters.

This daily limitation will supersede configured email provider limits— so, when your account as a whole (all users accounted for) has hit that 5K limit in a 24-hour period, sending will halt until that 24-hour period has expired. Daily send limits, and hourly send limits, by user will still apply.

There are restrictions being pushed by Google and Yahoo in February 2024 that will cause automatic email stoppage, and potential email health and overall email account ramifications, if the limit of 5K is not observed.

Why the limits?

The motivation behind implementing an account wide limit is to further protect your email domain(s) when sending to larger groups— email providers like Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo keep a close eye on send volume, and applying a limit like this will provide a safeguard against being flagged as spam by your email provider or being locked out of your email account.

At the end of the day, we want you to be able to send messages that look and feel authentic, without worrying about being flagged as spam, locked out of your email account, or having your email health negatively impacted. These limits are safeguards to ensure that you are able to reach out to your clients, authentically and effectively, every day.

Read more about the new Google and Yahoo guidelines here.

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