Contacts pulled from Wealthbox or Redtail, or imported via spreadsheet upload, are able to group contacts by Household. This will allow for one email, or handwritten card, to be sent to a Household rather than one individual in the household, or both individuals in the household separately.

How to group by households when setting up a send

When you're setting up an email campaign or a handwritten card send, go through Advanced Recipients Filters to check off 'Display recipients by household.'

Step One:

Step Two:

Once you click, 'View Contacts' you will now see all selected contacts grouped by Household and get your send queued up!

This function will allow handwritten cards and email messages to feel much more genuine. Instead of only one half of a couple receiving a card or email addressed to them, the household will be addressed in terms of the pair.

Redtail Families and Levitate Households

Redtail allows users to define families within its system. Each family is made up of a 'Head of Household,' which is generally the first contact from Redtail that's associated with that family unit, and a 'spouse.' Tertiary family members such as grandparent, grandchild, child, etc. can be added in Redtail, but will not pull in as part of a Levitate Household.

Here is what a Family looks like in Redtail:

Wealthbox Households and Levitate Households

Wealthbox allows users to define households within its system. Each household is made up of two contacts in Wealthbox, both of which can be interchangeably labelled head, spouse, or partner. Tertiary family members such as grandparent, grandchild, child, etc. can be added in Wealthbox, but will not pull in as part of a Levitate household.

Here is what a Household looks like in Wealthbox:

Spreadsheet Imports and Levitate Households

For Levitate users that are not integrated with Redtail or Wealthbox, we allow for spreadsheets with Household identifiers to be uploaded.

To ensure that all information is pulled in correctly, the spreadsheet must contain certain column heads!

We will automatically recognize columns with these names and map them to ‘Household Identifier’ on our side:

  • Household
  • Household Name
  • Household Id
  • Household Identifier

Similarly for a column representing the relationship:

  • Relationship
  • Household Relationship
  • Household Title

In order to enable grouping recipients when sending cards, the relationship specified in the spreadsheet must be one of these values:

  • Spouse
  • Partner
  • Husband
  • Wife
  • Head
  • Head of Household

And finally, the 'Household Identifier' can be anything— it just requires that the pair being imported as a Household have matching household identifiers— be it a policy number, something like 'Smith Family 1,' or any unique identifiers pulled from your client database.

How to upload contacts into Levitate via Spreadsheet

Example of a spreadsheet uploaded with Household identifiers:

All existing Levitate users will be able to access the ability to group contacts by household. If you have any questions, concerns, or need assistance importing a CSV with Household information, reach out to

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