Uploading Contacts via Spreadsheet

The contact import enables you to create and enhance your Levitate contacts in bulk. This article overviews the key concepts and steps to build out your Levitate contacts. The import supports CSV, XLS, XLSX file-types. 

How does the Contact Uploader work?

  • Craft your client spreadsheet where each row represents a particular client, starting with their email address. Fill the cells to the right of the email address with the information you wish to populate in Levitate. 


  • Import the spreadsheet and select the Levitate field that aligns with each column

See below for a step-by-step walk-through. 

What information can be included? 

Below is a list of headers that you can use to categorize your columns. (*required fields)

  1. E-mail Address
  2. First Name*
  3. Last Name*
  4. Birthday
  5. Tags
  6. Phone Number
  7. Company
  8. Street Address
  9. Street Address 2
  10. City
  11. Postal Code
  12. State/Province 
  13. Country

Expert Tips

E-mail addresses make life easier.

Levitate looks at the e-mail address when creating a new contact. This prevents contact duplication and ensures the contact’s profile in Levitate is populated with the correct information. 

There are two ways to add tags in your spreadsheet. 

  1. You may have one column dedicated to all tags. Each client’s row would have one cell with all of their tags separated by a comma. 

2. You may choose to have multiple columns dedicated to a unique tag. Each client’s row would have multiple cells with one tag per cell. 

Step-by-step walk-through

  • Click the Contacts link on the left-hand panel.
  • Click the dropdown button beside New Contact and select Import from File.

  • Choose to either (1) make your contacts visible to all employees or (2) keep your contacts visible only to yourself.

  • Enter a Preferred Tag that will be applied to each contact that is imported.
  • Click browse your files in blue and select your spreadsheet.
  • Click the blue Next button.

  • Choose the appropriate header in the dropdown above each column and click Import.

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