Creating an address book via Levitate connection

When setting up your account:

If you choose 'Let Levitate automatically build an address book for me' here's what we'll do:

  • We'll index the past two years of sent messages from your account, but we will only create contacts for those from the address book.
  • We will create contacts from sent messages, on a moving forward basis.
  • If your calendar is connected, we will also attempt to create contacts from your calendar events, on a moving forward basis.
  • Essentially, if you choose this option, moving forward we will attempt to create contacts based on who is added to your address book, who you have meetings with, and who you send emails to. See below for how to alter these settings.
  • For those on Office 365, Outlook, Exchange, Google Workspace, and other 'integrated' email platforms, we will always be able to pull and update this information. For those working through IMAP, or older platforms like Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc. we will try to index messages and pull address book contacts, but it's hit or miss based on a number of factors.

Moving forward:

There are a few settings in Admin > Settings that control the pull of contacts, after this initial setting is enabled:

And a few in your Levitate user settings, as well:

The above settings are able to be selectively toggled on and off, but changing them will not remove contacts added prior via the same means.

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