How does Levitate track opened emails?

How does Levitate track opened emails?

Levitate tracks whether an email is opened or not by inserting an invisible pixel in the body of the email at the time the email is written. After it is sent, we can detect when the pixel is loaded again, therefore triggering the "read" status.

My report says 100% of my emails have been read. Is this correct?

It depends! For emails going out to 20 recipients or more - as much as we'd LOVE it if it were 100% open rate, sometimes it is too good to be true. Here are some top reasons why that might be the case:

  • It is possible for the sender to look at each email in their Sent Messages folder, therefore loading the pixel and triggering the read status. However this is typically for smaller group sends since most people aren't clicking over 100 emails.
  • When your email server is automatically scanning each email when sending - this is likely the culprit. Please reach out to your IT admin to turn off capabilities or work with our team to make exceptions (this is sometimes possible).

I know one of my recipients has read the email but Levitate doesn't say he has?

It is very common for some recipients' Outlook app to NOT display any incoming images in emails by default. In this case, their computer is refusing to load any images, and therefore the tracking pixel isn't being loaded to trigger the "read" status.

What does it mean when my emails fail?

  • If around 10% of your emails failed, especially if it's the first time you've sent to that particular group, that just means the email addresses are incorrect and we were not able to deliver to them. 
  • If all of your emails are failing, then something else is going on. Most of the time it means your email server is unable to deliver the messages due to a bad connection. The next step would be to reconnecting Levitate to your email by visiting this link:
  • If your emails first started out sending fine but stalled or started failing, chances are your email server has some restrictions and Levitate has hit the max values. The next steps would be to reach out to your IT admin and figure out what kind of error messages you are getting. Perhaps we need to lower the threshold for max number of emails sent per day or per minute.

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