How does Schedule a Meeting work?

For clients with Google, Office365, and Exchange servers (where Levitate can communicate with your calendar), you can now send someone a link and they can schedule a meeting with you based on your calendar availabilities. 

To get started, under your name in the upper right-hand corner, go to Settings.

Under Personal Settings, you will see a box for "Schedule a Meeting" (*Please note that if you do not see this in Settings, your email system does not support this feature). By default, we have pre-configured a 30-minute meeting and a 60-minute meeting for you.

You can always customize the existing meetings, OR create another meeting link.

If you would prefer to call the client, you can select the Phone Call option, and the client will be asked to leave their phone number when scheduling. You can adjust the length of the meeting. You can also indicate which hours of the day you'd prefer to show as available. If you would prefer to block certain hours in the middle of the day, you can just do so on your calendar to make sure they do not get booked over.

When you are ready, you can just hit the Copy Link button under the meeting type and insert that into an email!

Here's a pro-tip: you can edit your signature to always include this link at the bottom, so you don't have to remember to add this to each email!

Lastly, when your client clicks on that link they will be able to schedule a meeting with you! From their perspective, this is what they will see.

Once a meeting is scheduled, it will appear as a regular meeting on your calendar (whether it's Google or Outlook). You can continue to manage the meeting from there like you normally would!