How does Schedule a Meeting work?

Schedule a Meeting

For clients with Google, Office365, and Exchange servers (where Levitate can communicate with your calendar), you can now send someone a link and they can schedule a meeting with you based on your calendar availabilities. 

Levitate also provides the ability to send follow-up reminders prior to scheduled meetings. These reminders can be sent via email or text. Click here to learn more about Meeting Reminders. 

To get started, click your name in the upper right-hand corner. Now click Schedule a Meeting. (*Please note that if you do not see this in Settings, your email system does not support this feature). 

By default, we have pre-configured a 30-minute meeting and a 60-minute meeting for you.

You can always customize the existing meetings, OR create another meeting link. You can edit existing meetings by clicking on the "..." menu.

Editing Meetings

If you would prefer to call your client, the Phone Call option prompts the client to leave their phone number. You can allow your client to choose the meeting location. 

You can adjust the length of the meeting duration. The date range during which the meeting can be scheduled is also customizable. 

The number of meetings per day or per month can be limited, with same-day meetings optional. You can also indicate which hours of the day you'd prefer to show as available. You can choose how far out clients book with you, as well. When clicking 'Indefinitely into the future' note that we can examine up to five years in the future.

Advanced Options for Schedule a Meeting

Only schedule meetings in the following time slots is pretty self explanatory, but allows for meetings to only be set on these time slots.


Comments are able to be made required, so, if you need to have your invitee fill out a certain field that's not necessarily included on the pre-built booking form, the invitee will have to fill it out to schedule the meeting. Additionally, the 'Add Instructions' box is a customizable field— you can change the header from the default 'Comments' or notes, to whatever you'd like for your invitee to include on the meeting form.

When you are ready, you can just hit the Copy Link button under the meeting type and insert that into an email!

Here's a pro-tip: you can edit your signature to always include this link at the bottom, so you don't have to remember to add this to each email!

Lastly, when your client clicks on that link they will be able to schedule a meeting with you! From their perspective, this is what they will see.

Once a meeting is scheduled, it will appear as a regular meeting on your calendar (whether it's Google or Outlook). You can continue to manage the meeting from there like you normally would!

Letting Clients or Prospects Choose Type of Meeting

You can also send clients your "landing page" so they can choose the type of meeting they'd like to book.

Simply copy the link to the meetings homepage and send to your client/prospect. This is what they will see:

You can choose to not show a type of meeting in this landing page but editing that meeting and uncheck the box.

Title of Calendar Invite

By default, the calendar invite will display the names of the host and attendee. There is also an option to include the Meeting Name in the calendar invite title. 

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