Merge Fields

You've probably seen the "first name" merge field when you create a new campaign in Levitate:

But did you know that Levitate supports several other merge fields on the contact record? Below is a table listing all of the merge fields supported by Levitate when you compose an email.

A word of caution: If you plan to use merge fields, make sure all of your contact records contain the field you plan to use. For the First Name field, Levitate uses our Smart Salutation functionality to fall back gracefully. But for the other merge fields, we will simply replace the field with whatever is in the contact record.

Contact Property Merge Field Fallback (if field is empty)
First Name {{first name}} Smart Salutation
Last Name {{last name}} None
City {{city}} "your city"
State/Province {{state}} "your state"
Bio {{bio}} or {{custom}} None
Sender's First Name {{sender first name}} None
Sender's Full Name {{sender name}} None

When you type one of the merge fields correctly into the email, you'll see a visual indicator that it's a supported merge field, similar to the way that the "first name" merge field looks in the screenshot above.

Another merge field not related to contact property is the Unsubscribe link. Though Levitate has some automated Unsubscribe features built-in with the signature, if you want a physical link the viewer can click to unsubscribe, simply put {{unsubscribe link}} to unsubscribe, that will turn into click here to unsubscribe.