Turn Leads into Levitate Contacts

Levitate has built a feature that allows you to automate the creation of new contacts from any lead prospecting services you might be using.

If you are using any of the following services for generating leads, you will be able to have those leads automatically created in Levitate.

Lead Services Supported:

  • Realtor.com
  • Zillow
  • iHouseweb
  • Spacio
  • OpCity
  • Referral Exchange
  • LoopNet
  • Follow up Boss
  • Homes.com
  • ZBuyer

In addition to the services above, Levitate is happy to work with you if you receive leads (or contacts) from another service. Please reach out to Levitate Support (support@levitateapp.com) to see if we can set up the lead parser for your use case.

How it works:

  1. You receive an email with a new lead.
  2. Levitate is connected to your email and see's the new lead.
  3. Levitate creates a new contact in your Levitate account with the source tag (i.e. Zillow Lead)
  4. You will receive an email from Levitate that your new lead has been created

Requirements and Restrictions

  1. The new leads will need to be coming into your email account that is connected to Levitate.
  2. The email notification with the lead needs to include at minimum name and email for Levitate to have enough information to create the lead.
  3. You can enable/disable the specific lead services by clicking on your name in top right corner and 'Integrations'.

What should I do after the lead is created in Levitate?

After the lead is created in Levitate, you will receive an email so you can reach out to the Prospect or setup actions in Levitate:

  • Create a follow up action item to remind yourself to call or email in a few days or a week.
  • Schedule out different email follow ups or keep in touch templates to the prospect.
  • Set tag notifications on the lead tag to make sure that you don't lose touch with a lead.

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