Event Registration

In addition to our Satisfaction Surveys, you are now able to set up Event Registration through our surveys feature. Send out invites to all of your contacts for webinars, client appreciate events, and more!

Getting Started

To find event registration, go to the drop down menu under your name in the upper right corner of the Levitate dashboard and choose 'Surveys.'

From there, you'll see the option to '+Add new survey', which will allow you to choose 'Event Registration' and capture attendance via RSVP.

Inputting the details

Once you choose Event Registration, you’ll be prompted to enter event information, like the name of the event, the location (can be anything from an address to a virtual meeting link), the date, time, and details. You can even use our AI helper to draft up a message to your invitees! 

The feature allows you to send out event information– as well as gather RSVPs from your invitees. To RSVP, all invitees must input a name and an email address. If you send out the invite via Levitate, and the contact invited is already in Levitate, their information will autofill into the RSVP form– like magic! 

If you'd like to share the invite link publicly, through text message, or on your website, you're able to use the 'Copy invite link' button. This will provide you with the direct link to an RSVP page. Everyone using the link to RSVP will be required to enter a name and an email address.

You can also add limitations to the event, like headcount caps and RSVP deadlines, as well as plus-ones for each contact that’s been invited. 

Keeping track of responses

Just like any of our other surveys, you can check in on your RSVPs via our Survey Report page, which you can access through 'Tags & Reports.' You’ll be able to see who’s responded (yes or no) and who hasn’t– you’ll also be able to export this data as a spreadsheet.

Following up to Event Registration responses

Much like with group email campaigns, users will be able to send a follow-up email to recipients of an event invitation. Users can choose who to send the email to through segmentation by response type. Reports can also be downloaded for manual tagging and record keeping.

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