January 2023 Releases

25 January 2023

Automatic Texting Number Associations

We have a texting update that attempts to automatically associate new conversations with contacts by number, if an existing contact owns a matching number.  To view this update navigate to texting from the Levitate dashboard, click on the icon to begin a new conversation.  If the phone number you type in here belongs to a contact in Levitate, autocomplete will now attempt to associate the new conversation with the contact to which that number belongs instead of prompting the user to type out the contact name. Click here for more information about Texting.

Merge Fields in Toolbar

We have an update to our tool bar in the email composer that allows you to insert different merge fields with the click of a button. Note that the policy/carrier/expiration merge field is only available in renewal flows, either by accessing a renewal email through your renewal dash card or by creating a renewal automation. A reminder that unlike "first name" the remaining merge fields do not have fall back values if the relevant information doesn't exist on the contact, and will be left completely blank if empty. To access this feature you can navigate to any version of our email composer (create a campaign, edit a template, dashboard cards, automation segment email) and click on the merge fields option in the tool bar as seen below.  Click here for more information about Merge Fields.

24 January 2023

Default Survey Review Links

We have a new feature that allows CSMs/support to set default review link in surveys. This update can be found by navigating to the survey toggle in Levitate admin settings. In the input field below the enable/disable toggle you can enter a url to be used as the default review url when creating a survey.  

Now when you create a new survey in Levitate you will see the default review url pre-populated in the input field that reads "Link to the review page (Google, Yelp, etc.)"

Click here to learn more about Levitate surveys.

FINRA Reviewed

"FINRA Reviewed" has been added as a new subcategory under the financial industry. It is not available for social media. This update can be found as the second tab of template categories in the campaigns section for financial as seen in the screenshot below.  FINRA reviewed campaigns will contain the emblem seen here on this Annual Review campaign template. 

Updated Reporting

We've updated employee reporting to include phone calls, meetings and the ability to export . This update can be found in the employee report of Levitate reporting.

Export Policies Option

We've added a new contact export for all policies. This update can be found in the more menu of the contacts page as seen in the screenshot below.

Set Redtail to Meeting Provider

We now have a new integration setting for Redtail accounts that allows users to toggle the option to switch to using their Redtail calendar for meetings.  This can be found in the "Use as Meeting Provider"  in Redtail integration settings in Levitate admin. Please note that only users who are connected to the Redtail integration will be able to use their Redtail Calendar.

18 January 2023

Standalone Social Media Templates

We've added a social media feature that adds browsing of standalone social media templates.  The feature creates separate tabs for email campaigns and social media campaigns, allowing easier previewing of social media campaigns including the ability to incorporate templates for social that are not associated with an email campaign. Admin can now generate social media templates that are not linked to an email campaign and those will appear under the social media tab in browsing. To use this feature navigate to the Campaigns of Levitate or Levitate admin and note the additional Social Media tab. Click here to learn more about our Social Media Features.  

Citations For Financial

This feature allows you to add citations to email templates from Levitate admin, and then send them with a scheduled email in Levitate itself. You can add a citation to a template in Levitate Admin by clicking on campaigns, then creating a campaign. At the bottom of the campaign template you'll see a new field to enter a citation.

Now, in Levitate, you'll be able to find the template you've created and send an email with the attached citation.  In order to do this you must first enable the compliance setting in Levitate admin settings.  This setting will only appear within the financial vertical. 

When you are scheduling an email using a campaign template that has a citation you will be taken to the below view.  Click "Schedule Campaign with Compliance Pending" to include the citation in the email.

You will be promoted to schedule the campaign for later (see warning message below calendar).  After scheduling, open the content calendar and find your campaign.  

Click "Mark as Approved by Compliance" to send your scheduled campaign with citations.  

Social Media Scheduling UI Update

We've updated the scheduling UI for social media to show other scheduled posts, similar to how we do email.  You can access this feature by scheduling a social media post. Click here to learn more about Social Media.

My Connections Contact Filter

We've added a new filter option for "Show my connections" in the contacts section.  This new filter can be found on the left hand side of the contacts page under "Ownership Filters". Click here to learn more about Levitate contacts.  

Direct Links to Social Media Templates

Content managers can now get direct links to social media templates.  To use this feature navigate to the Campaigns section of Levitate Admin.  You can find the "Copy Direct Link" option in the more menu beside each campaign for both email campaigns and social media.  Click here to find out more about our Social Media Features.

Exporting of Multiple Emails Into a Single Report

We now allow the exporting of multiple emails into a single report.  To access this feature, navigate to Tags and Reports and then click "Email Report".  You can now select multiple emails to export at one time.  Click here to learn more about email reports.

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