Customer satisfaction surveys

Levitate provides organizations with a simple way to gauge their customer satisfaction via Customer Satisfaction Surveys! It's easy to generate a Customer Satisfaction Survey from Levitate and send to your clients. Depending on their response, you can prompt them to complete an online web survey, like a Google review! Our reporting capabilities consolidate the feedback, including month over month breakdowns! 

Create the Survey

Click your name and then click  Surveys

Click the Add New Survey icon

Complete the Survey details and make any modifications:

Pick a date range, if the survey is only available for a certain time frame

Prompt Promoters to give a Public Review

If you'd like, select the response level that you'd like to request to give a web review (like Google Form) and add a link to your review page! 

Sending the Survey

Click the Copy Link button on the Survey Icon to send via Levitate!

Create a new campaign and paste the link. You'll notice it automatically appear as a link: "Click here to take the Survey".

Filling out the Survey

Customers will follow the survey link to complete the survey

Depending on their response, they will be taken to the next screen to request them fill out a web review:

Survey Reporting

All of your Active and Inactive surveys are available in Levitate Reporting. You'll see the results and verbatim metrics. 

Click Tags & Reports in the left-hand navigation bar

Click the Survey Reports button

View all active and incative surveys high level results. Click a survey for verbaitm responses and metrics.

Change the date range to view responses for certain months. You can also download a report to excel. Surveys sent through Levitate to Levitate contacts will automatically show up with their name in the reporting, though to the person filling out the survey, the experience is anonymous. However, if the survey link was generated and sent OUTSIDE of Levitate, the results will also be anonymous.

Want to send a follow up email to your Client Satisfaction survey recipients? Click here!

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