Send a Group Email

Group Send from Dashboard

You can scroll down to see the flow if you are starting from the People section.

The dashboard opens when you sign in to Levitate. On the dashboard, there is a “quick actions” section on the right. Click on send group email button at the bottom of the quick actions section.

You can choose from one of our templates or create your own.

When editing the content, please note the "first name" element should not be deleted. It will automatically replace itself with a first name of the recipient, or if the recipient doesn't have a good first name (we have 100 years of census data), we will replace it with a different salutation.

Feel free to enter your own content, or edit our content. Make sure to add a signature too.

To select the recipients you want to send to, select one or more tags and click Next.

You can preview the list of recipients, delete the ones you don't want using the X to the left of their name. You can even customize the email PER person. However I recommend getting the basic email done first before customizing per person.

Once you are ready, you can click Next and see when you want to send the email. You can send it right away or pick a day and time in the future to send. Voila!

Group Send from Contacts Section

If you'd rather pick out the contacts you want to send an email to first, you can always do it from the Contacts section. Just select the people you want to send to and click on Send Email.

The rest of the steps will be the same as above.