Tag Logic


Tags are a grouping of contacts in Levitate that are utilized for segmentation. Tag Logic allows Levitate Users to target specific contacts within a tag group. On the contrary, Tag Logic can also widen the recipient list by combining two or more tags. 

Where is Tag Logic Used? 

- Campaigns / Group Email Sends

- Various Dashboard Card Email Flows

- HTML Newsletters

- Contact Search

Additional Details

All email sends will automatically EXCLUDE the "Email Bounced" and "Unsubscribe" Tags. This causes a discrepancy between the number of contacts visible in the Contact Search and those included in email sends.

Tag Logical Statements

" AND [also contains the tag...]"

" OR [contains the tag...]"

"but EXCLUDE [contacts that have...]"

Tag A and Tag B

Tag A or Tag B

Tag A exclude Tag B

Tag A and Tag B exclude Tag C

Tag A or Tag B exclude Tag C

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