November 2022 Releases

8 November 2022

Schedule a Meeting - Include Meeting Name in Invitation

The Schedule a Meeting feature reduces coordination efforts by allowing clients to schedule time directly on your calendar. Levitate now gives users the ability to include the Meeting Name as part of the Calendar Invitation Title. Click here to learn more about our Schedule a Meeting feature.

4 November 2022

Texting: Shared Numbers

Levitate's Texting ability is a great way to quickly communicate with clients. The Shared Numbers for Texting feature allows all Levitate Users of a company to text from one number, accessing the same text threads. It's like the Office Phone for texting!  Click here to learn more about Shared Texting.

Social Media: Preview Drafts

Levitate Users can now easily identify their Social Media Drafts by the image associated with the post! Click here to learn more about Social Media.

Schedule a Meeting: Condensed Links

Levitate has enhanced the links that Users send to Schedule a Meeting with clients. Schedule a Meeting links are now much shorter than before! Click here to learn more about the Schedule a Meeting Feature! 

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