July 2022 Releases

22 July 2022

Social Media

Levitate now provides the ability to connect, schedule, and post to social media accounts. Levitate Marketing Experts curate social-media specific content that users can post, in addition to creating custom content. Click here to learn more about Social Media.

20 July 2022

Insurance: Hawksoft Integration - City Tag

The Levitate + Hawksoft Integration now provides the account-wide option to pull in a contact's city as a tag. This way, users can include or exclude recipients in certain cities from their campaigns. Click here to learn more about the Levitate + Hawksoft integration. 

11 July 2022

Insurance: Carrier Merge Field 

For spreadsheet imports, there is now a field labeled "Carrier" that will merge the carrier information into the {{policies}} mail merge field for renewal emails. Click here to learn more. 

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