Number of Contacts or Recipients is Incorrect


Sometimes, Levitate users notice discrepancies between the number of expected contacts and those appearing in their sends. This discrepancy is likely due to contact ownership.  

Common Questions

Why are the number of contacts listed as recipients not the same as those in the tag group?

Why am I seeing way fewer recipients than expected?

Why don't I see any contacts when previewing the recipients of my tag group?

Can we send to all contacts?

Answered Simply

You are likely only seeing the contacts that you own within the tag group. The Levitate Group Send flow defaults to "Contacts I Own", but users can change this prior to scheduling the email. (Click here to learn more about contact ownership.)

In other cases, there are contacts with insufficient email addresses. Levitate Group Sends exclude contacts with no email addresses, those whose emails have bounced, and those unsubscribed. 


Here are a few areas where users notice the incorrect number of contacts:

When scheduling an email:

When previewing a scheduled campaign:

When viewing the email report: 


How to Change the Number of Recipients

When scheduling an email to a tag group, users can decide if they want to send to "Contacts I Own" or "All Contacts" in that tag group.  

If the campaign is already scheduled, cancel the send and reschedule the campaign. 


Who is the Contact Owner?

The contact owner can be found within the Contact Profile under the Connections tab. For customers with integrations, contact ownership is mapped by your administrator.  (Click here to learn more about contact ownership.)

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