Using Levitate to prospect

There are a few different kinds of prospecting. There’s warm prospecting, which means you’re reaching out to a non-client that is familiar with you, or your business, that has most likely signed up for some form of correspondence. There’s cold prospecting, which usually involves purchasing email addresses or other contact information, and sending out messages to contacts that are not familiar with you or your business. Finally, you can also prospect former clients in an attempt to win-back their business.

The best prospects to reach out to


Reach out to your current network, clients and professional relationships, and ask for referrals 

Win Backs: stay top of mind with past clients and reposition your value 

Lead forms: responses for when someone fills out a lead form for more information 

Win Backs

Stay top of mind with past clients and reposition your value 

Lead Forms

Responses for when someone fills out a lead form for more information

You’ll want a small, hyper targeted list of contacts to reach out to here. Try not to blindly email a bunch of contacts who have had no previous interactions with your business. Also, segment by demographics, behavior, and past interactions. According to research, segmented email campaigns have a 14.31% higher open rate and a 100.95% higher click-through rate than non-segmented campaigns. Finally, identify and understand the client that is most likely to buy; if your business can solve their pain points they stand to benefit the most! 

How can I prospect with Levitate?

Keep in mind that quality always trumps quantity. From list size to the number of emails you send, it’s the quality of your interactions that matter, not the volume. 

The Golden Rule of relationship marketing? Don’t send or post anything you wouldn’t want to see in your own inbox or feed– be authentic! 

Make sure that you stay consistent– relationships are built over time. Make keeping in touch a part of your every day routine, and you will see results!

What should I send?

When reaching out to a lead, especially a warm lead, it’s all about personalization. 

  • First name! Include it using our {{First Name}} merge field feature
  • Meaningful connection! Tailor emails to reflect previous interactions, include references to their past interests, past purchases, or any previous communications. 
  • Value statement! show a good reason for reaching out, add value to your connection. Who are you, what do you do, and why is this worth their time? Keep it brief, make it count! 
  • Aim to start a conversation! 
  • Clear call to action! it can be as simple as ending with an invitation to connect and is best done in the form of a question. 
  • Follow up! Stay top of mind! 

Prospecting Campaign example

Day One: Touch base with an intro email

  • Start with a connection to the prospect 
  • Throw in a value statement– keep it brief and simple 
  • Add a call to action. Interested in connecting? 

Day Seven: Follow up! 

  • Pull that meaningful connection back in
  • Following up, let’s find some time to connect! 
  • Remind them of your value statement + invitation to action!

Day Fourteen: Send an informative email 

  • Send them something informative! It can be longer than previous steps. 
  • Tie in details of how you can add relevant value
  • Offer to help! 

Day Thirty: Send over a final check-in email 

  • Finish out strong! Check in one final time to see if they’re interested
  • Briefly reintroduce yourself, your business, your services
  • Add one more call to action– let’s get in touch, let’s book a meeting

How should I send it?

Keep your cadence right! One of the best ways to keep from seeming spammy is to set up an automation sequence with 2-5 total emails, in sequence with 5-8 total touch points, with the sequence spread over 30-60 days. 

Read more about setting up automations here.

Prospecting open rates

Levitate referral request campaigns: 59.8%

Levitate win-back campaigns: 48.7%

Risks of cold outbound prospecting

There are some clear downsides of cold outbound prospecting; it’s seen as intrusive and annoying by recipients, and research indicates that 70% of people delete these emails without even opening them. Sending out to recipients that are unfamiliar with you, your business, and your outreach puts you at risk for your email getting blacklisted and your email health and brand being tarnished. 

What should I avoid?

  • Large, cold lists of prospects you have had no previous interactions with 
  • Lack of personalization– it’s it’s not personalized, it won’t look and feel like an message that you sat down and wrote in earnest 
  • Spammy language! Phrases like free, act now, apply now, limited time, special offer, offer expires, best price, discount, guaranteed, etc. will raise the red flags for spam! 
  • Emails that are too long
  • Lack of a genuine message
  • Messages without a call to action! 

Read more about avoiding being flagged as spam.

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