Create an Automation

Introduction: Levitate Automations

Levitate Users can seamlessly engage with their contacts by setting the perfect flow of calendar reminders and contact touch-points. An Automation Flow is a series of steps that trigger events on a certain day of the automation.

What's Included in this Article?

The Basics: Different types of automation, Events, Timing, Access, The Automations Tab

Create an Automation

Details: Send an Email, Create an Action Item, Duplicate a Step, Move a Step, Delete a Step

The Basics

Different Automation Types

There are different types of automation, depends on how your Levitate account is setup.

  • New client automation - for clients with an AMS integration, Redtail or Clio integration, you can set up new client automation.
  • New Commercial/Personal lines client - for clients with an AMS integration only. Please note that if you have multiple types of new client automation setup, the commercial client automation will take precedence over the personal lines automation, followed lastly by the generic new client automation.
  • New Prospect automation - for clients with a lead parser (Zillow leads, leads, web leads, etc).
  • Birthday automation - for clients who want to automatically send birthday emails without approval, or send birthday texts (coming soon for Business Gold accounts only).
  • Renewal automation - for insurance clients who have policy and renewal dates setup, and want a multi-step renewal process.
  • Turning 65 automation - for insurance clients who specialize in Medicare.
  • Tag-based automation - for any account that wants to be able to trigger an automation based on a tag.
  • Manual automation - for any account that are manually initiating an automation.



Set the timing of each step to coincide with the actual day that the automation is in progress. We can call this the "day-count".

ex: Send an email on day 1

ex: Send a follow up email on day 45.

For certain automation types, such as Renewal or Turning 65, you can choose to send an email X days prior to the renewal or 65th birthday.


  • Levitate Admins can design and create automations for the account
  • Levitate Users & Admins can enable automations for a contact
  • Levitate Users & Admins can modify the automation for a specific contact, once it is in progress

The Automation Tab

  • Active Automations - Ready and available for Levitate Users & Admins; Editable by Levitate Admins
  • Inactive Automations - Not available for Levitate Users; Editable by Levitate Admins
  • Samples Automations - Pre-populated templates that can be duplicated by Admins

Create an Automation

1. Click the Automations tab on the left-hand navigation bar

2.Click the Create New Automation button in the top right corner

3. Choose an automation type

4. Name the automation and decide if you'd like for a customer's "opt out" response to cancel future automation steps

5. Select an event by clicking the dropdown beside “Select a choice below”

6. Complete the appropriate details for the step (see Step details below)

7. Click the add another step button and repeat

8. Click the green Enable Automation button when finished

Step Details

Send an Email

1. Enter the day of the automation and time for the email to send (Day 1, Day 45, Day 82). Also decide should the email go out x days before, after or the same day as the date.

3. Click the pink Create Email button

4. Click the blue Use existing template link (See Best practices section)

5. Click the dropdown to browse existing templates

6. Click the blue select & Edit button

7. Click the blue Save button

8. Name the email as it will appear to your Levitate Users

Create an Action Item

1. Set the day-count of the automation that this action is due

2. Type the action as it will appear for the Levitate User

Move the Order of a Step

1. Click the gray ellipsis floating on the top right corner of the step

2. Click Move up a step or Move down a step

Duplicate a Step

1. Click the gray ellipsis floating on the top right corner of the step

2. Click Duplicate Step

Delete a Step

1. Click the gray ellipsis floating on the top right corner of the step

2. Click Delete Step

For more advanced tutorial, check out creating Automation Segments here.

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