Sending lead parsing emails directly through Levitate

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Running into issues with form submission or lead parsing emails? Want all leads to come directly to one user? Here's a little workaround!

The cleanest way to only send lead parser responses, i.e. form responses that then pull into Levitate as a lead or contact, specifically into Levitate and into one user's ownership is by using

On your end, you'll need to set up the responses to the form to go to— those responses will then go directly to that email address, and be pulled into Levitate as a lead or contact owned specifically by the user identified with that User ID.

Quick warning! Copies of the lead parsing email or submission response form cannot go to multiple or other Levitate users. If they are connected to Levitate, and match the criteria for being parsed, they will be parsed. Having multiple email addresses receiving the same form submission with contact information can lead to issues with duplicates or ownership confusion in Levitate.

Administrators on the Levitate account are able to find the User ID in the 'admin' section of their account. Each designated user on Levitate has their own User ID.

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