Custom Lead Parsers

Levitate streamlines lead-nurturing with many lead conversion tools. Levitate can even email the new leads that are generated from your website upon submission!

If the tool you're using is not on this listed in Settings > Integrations, simply set up a custom lead source with the help of your Levitate Success and Support teams. After your lead parser is set up, turn on the New Lead Automation to immediately contact those new leads.  

How does it work?

Whether leads are derived from your website or another source, you typically receive an email when you gain a new lead. This email is usually sent from the same email address each time or at least has a similar email line. Levitate's AI utilizes this data to intercept new leads, creating them as contacts in Levitate. Levitate can even tag them to initiate the New Lead Automation. 

What does Levitate need from you? 

Your Levitate Success and Support teams can browse manage your integrations on the backend to create a new Custom Lead Parser.

Sender's Email Address

Levitate keeps an eye out for emails from this address 

Email Subject Lines

Levitate can look for emails with "New Lead..." or other specific words that identify a new lead email

Tag Name

Levitate will tag the contact appropriately so you know which contacts are from this lead source. As well, this tag can be used to initiate an automation to email this new lead. 

New fields, as of May 2024:

Multiple tags, key facts, and birthdays.

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Forwarding the lead form's response?

After you setup the forwarding@ address for a lead parser, you will need to delete the sender's subject line and email address from the lead form in Levitate admin so we only process the one entry from the forwarding address.

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