Texting Campaign Registration

As of July 2023, all major messaging API providers (we use Bandwidth!) for A2P (application to consumer) text messaging must register their 10-digit number with The Campaign Registry (TCR). This applies to numbers generated on the Levitate platform, as well as numbers that we have hosted or ported into the platform. The deadline to register is Thursday, August 31, 2023. All registration will take place through Levitate--you will not have to visit another site or enter your information elsewhere for TCR.

Why should I register my texing campaign?

By registering all of the text message sends and text message campaigns going out via Levitate, we are helping ensure that your text messages have a much higher deliverability rate, as well as overall legitimacy. Registering your business keeps spammy marketing messages at bay, while also authorizing and prioritizing your sends. TCR will vet your business and ensure that you are remaining compliant with campaign restrictions and guidelines. 

In order for us to allow you to send, you must register here. Non-registration will result in dropped text messages, send failure, and higher pass-through fees implemented by cell carriers like Verizon and AT&T. 

How will this impact my text messages in Levitate?

The good news is that registration will positively impact your text message deliverability and efficacy! Ensuring that consumers are getting less spam will make text campaigns and messages from businesses much more effective. We are covering any fees associated with campaign registration through our provider, Bandwidth. We just need you to fill out this information for submission.

What is a Tax EIN?

Out of all pieces of the registration, the Tax EIN should be the only piece of information that you won’t necessarily know off the top of your head. A Tax EIN (Employer Identification Number) can be found on your business’s tax documents and doesn’t change year to year.

If you have any questions about campaign registration please reach out to support@levitateapp.com

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