Text Registration: Getting Started

As of July 2023, all major messaging API providers (we use Bandwidth) for A2P (application to consumer) text messaging must register their 10-digit number with The Campaign Registry (TCR). This applies to all numbers generated on the Levitate platform, as well as numbers that we have hosted or ported into the platform.

Update as of June 2024:

All Levitate accounts* must register through our internal form in order to continue to text. If you intend to text through Levitate, or want to continue texting through Levitate, you must meet registration criteria and submit for registration by July 1st, 2024.

*We are aware that there is a different process for Sole Proprietor registration. If you are a Sole Proprietor, hold tight— we will be in touch soon about registration.


I'm only texting my contacts one to one, not through campaigns or through mass texting— do I still need to register?

Yes. Every Levitate account that is texting in any capacity must register.

What happens if I don't register by July 1st?

If you do not register, your number(s) will be disabled. Our provider, Bandwidth, requires that all numbers being used by Levitate are registered.

If Levitate does not meet this requirement, all numbers on Levitate will be disabled by Bandwidth.

Why do we have to register in the first place?

Due to federal regulations enacted in 2023 every business entity text messaging contacts, in any capacity, must provide how they are using the numbers for assurances that consumers will not be spammed or texted without their consent, or without the ability to unsubscribe from text messages.

I'm stumped by something on the registration form

Check out this article that gives an in-depth description of what should be entered for each field on the Levitate registration form.

Why do I need a website to register?

When your registration is submitted, a representative from our provider will visit your website and check to see if your privacy policy is compliant and accessible on your website— they will also check to see if you have a contact form that collects phone numbers, if you do have a contact form that collects phone numbers they will be checking to make sure there is compliant opt-in language accompanying the form.

If you don't have a website, or if your website is outdated— reach out to your Success Specialist about Levitate website plans. Each of our websites includes a privacy policy and the option to have a form that collects phone numbers, with opt-in language built in.

More about Levitate websites.

What do I need to register successfully?

Our team will be vetting your website to check for a compliant privacy policy and compliant opt-in language if you are collecting phone numbers on your website. Once we have given you the green light to register, you will be provided a link to our internal registration form. When submitting your form you will need to have the URL to your privacy policy handy, as well as the link to any contact form you may have on your website that collects phone numbers, and a tax document with your EIN listed.

I've never written a privacy policy before...or heard of opt-in language...HELP!

No fear! We have crafted some sample language for privacy policies and opt-in language. Keep in mind that this is sample language— you are more than welcome to customize it to your liking, and to mirror the practices of your business.

Okay— I have the updated privacy policy and opt-in language, where do I put it?

Privacy Policies, first and foremost, need to be accessible. Don't bury them on a page within a page within a page. Most accounts that have been approved have their privacy policy written out in the footer of the website itself, or as it's own page on your website.

For the opt-in language, you'll need to get it as near to the number collection box as possible. Most accounts that have been approved have it at the footer of the collection form as a checkbox for opting or as a disclaimer with an asterisk.

I tried to register through The Campaign Registry— is that the right place to go?

No, we will provide you with an internal registration form once we've vetted your website. You will not need to register through TCR.

Do I have to pay for registration?

No, Levitate covers the charge of registration for each account.

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