Levitate Happiness Dashboard

Over the next month, we will be rolling out a new dashboard experience for all accounts. Over the last year, we have added so many great features that we wanted to provide you with key insights into all the ways you're currently using Levitate to keep your network engaged.Below is a summary of where to find your favorite Levitate features and a description of the new updates:

1. Navigation Menu - will stay on the left-hand side. Anytime you click on the 'Dashboard', it will expand out the menu.

2. Surveys - Upgrade your online presence by sending customer satisfaction surveys with a prompt for Google Reviews. A summary of your recent survey feedback will be displayed on the dashboard along with your overall star rating.

3. Daily Updates - This section will show you action items, keep-in-touch reminders, or new contacts to be tagged.

4. Setting Menu - Under your name, you will see the ability to invite teammates, manage settings and integrations. You can also set up your meeting booking page (if it's available on your account) and create new surveys.

5. Pending Activities that require attention- This section will show you pending campaigns to review, Upcoming Birthday reminders or Upcoming renewal reminders. Clicking on these titles will bring you to the email template to send.

6. Email Performance Metrics - This section will show you a summary of all the sends you've done through Levitate (email and texting), your average performance metrics, including open and reply rates, and a quick snapshot of your most recent campaign performed.

7. Plus Button - The blue plus button located in the bottom right corner of every page allows you to easily add a note, record a note, phone call, action item, or send an email.

If you have any questions about using the dashboard or getting new features set up on your account, please reach out to your success specialist or support@levitateapp.com.

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