October 2022 Releases

14 October 2022

Dashboard Cards: Turning 65 & 72

Dashboard cards can now appear 180 days prior to Contacts turning 65 and 72. Please reach out to your Levitate team to update this account-wide setting. 

5 October 2022

Contact History: Filter Activities Outside of Levitate

Levitate's email server integration provides insights to contact engagement outside of Levitate. This ensures users are keeping in touch with contacts, even if they've emailed them directly from their email account (outside of Levitate). The Levitate Contact History is now capable of filtering for Activities Outside of Levitate -- allowing users to see the touchpoints that are top-of-mind. 

4 October 2022

Contact Timeline: View Attachments

Users can now view email attachments directly from the Contact's Timeline. 

3 October 2022

Social Media: LinkedIn Business Pages

Levitate users can now schedule and post Levitate Content directly to their LinkedIn Business Page! Click here to learn more.

Texting: Continue Conversation from Contact Profile

The Levitate Contact Profile now provides users the ability to continue a texting conversation directly from a Contact's Timeline. Simply click the "Show More" link in the bottom of the conversation preview for the texting modal to appear. Click here to learn more about texting.

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