Create a New Email Template

Creating a New Template

  1. Click the Campaigns 

2. Click the blue Create Email Campaign button

3. Type the email and subject that you wish to send and click Save As in the top corner.

4. Name your template as you wish for it to appear in Levitate and click the blue Save button. (Note, the template name will not appear on the sent email). 

5. Notice the green Template Saved Message as confirmation. 

6. When you make edits to an existing template - you must hit "save" again and choose to save it over the existing template, or as a new template.

Additional Information

Tip: If you include this text with brackets: {{first name}}

Levitate will automatically insert the first name of every person the email is sent to.

Note: If you would like to make sure all the employee users in your account can view and select the template, make sure to select the checkbox in the bottom right for "Shared".

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