September 2022 Releases

28 September 2022

Contact Timeline Indicates Emails Sent via Levitate vs Email Server

With the new Contact Profile Timeline View, there is an indicator for users can easily identify emails sent outside of Levitate. 

Admins can Update Users' Signatures

Levitate now give Admins the ability to check if users have loaded their email signatures in Levitate. Admins can also update signatures on behalf of users. 

16 September 2022

Texting: Preview Images

Users can now preview an image in the text field when composing a text message. 

11 September 2022

Export Contact Tags

Admins can now export a list of account tags, including the number of contacts with the tag. Simply browse Tags & Reports > Manage Tags > and select the tags to be included in the export. 

6 September 2022

Birthday Automations: Send Message Days Before

Birthday Emails triggered via Automation can now be scheduled to trigger days prior to the contact's birthday. Click here to learn more.

1 September 2022

Social Media: Preview Post

Whether your firm requires third party approval for posts on social media or you want to gather feedback from colleagues, Levitate provides the ability to generate a Preview Post Link for social media content! Click here to learn more. 

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