Birthday Automations

Birthday messages are impactful touchpoints when nurturing relationships. Daily responsibilities and tasks make it easy to let our own friends and family members' birthdays slip past! 

Levitate Birthday Automations remove the human responsibility of remembering and sending birthday messages. Simply set up the birthday email or text message, enable automatic sending, and never worry about missing a birthday again! 

Setting Up the Automation

Click the Automations tab on the left-hand navigation bar

Click the New Automation button

Select the Birthday Automation card

Name your automation and select the checkbox to automatically send the birthday messages

Chose to either send an Email or send a Text Message to your contacts. You can send the message before, on, or after their birthday. 

Publish the Automation when you've completed setting it up! 

Checking Birthday Automations

You can check birthday messages by clicking the Tags and Reports tab and then the Individual tab. 

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