June 2022 Releases

3 June 2022

Insurance: Policy Merge Field for Renewal Emails

For companies in the Insurance Industry leveraging Renewal Emails, the token {{policies}} will return the statement "Your 'policy' with 'carrier' expires on 'expiration date'." When the carrier information is not available, the statement will simply omit that portion: "Your 'policy' expires on 'expiration date'." Click here to learn more about Merge Fields. 

9 June 2022

Campaigns: Warning for Time-Sensitive Content

Various campaigns in Levitate are designed to send during relevant time-frames, like holiday emails. These time-sensitive campaigns have an expiration date to ensure no sends go past their intended window. We now include time-sensitive verbiage when selecting date and time in campaign scheduler. This is in addition to the time-sensitive verbiage that appears in the Campaigns section. 

26 June 2023

Insurance: The Hawksoft Integration is now Read and Write

Levitate + Hawksoft is now a two-way integration! Levitate writes back emails, notes, phone calls and texts into HawkSoft client "log notes". Click here to learn more about the Levitate + Hawksoft Integration.

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