May 2022 Releases

9 May 2022

CC Levitate User on Group Email

Organizations can now CC one Levitate user to receive a copy of each individual email sent via campaign. If a group send/campaign goes to 1,500 people, this user will receive 1,500 emails. Please reach out to Levitate Support or your Success Team if this workflow meets your needs. 

11 May 2022

Survey Feedback

If prompted to give an external review, survey recipients can view and copy their submitted feedback to paste into the external review. 

19 May 2022

Texting: Automated Response

Texting via Levitate is a simple way to engage with clients! While texting is easily accessible for all, you may not be able to respond immediately. Not to worry, Levitate offers an "Automated Response" option for texting. Click here to learn more.