Campaign Suggestions

Campaign Suggestion takes Levitate's Content Calendar to the next level! In addition to the wonderful content, the Levitate Marketing Team is now suggesting the best date and time for specific Campaigns. At your leisure, simply browse to your Content Calendar, review the suggestions, and schedule the campaigns that best suite your audience! 

Using Campaign Suggestions

Browse the Content Calendar

Browse the Campaigns you currently have scheduled

Click the Turn on suggestions toggle

Browse the Recommended Campaign Suggestions to see which campaigns can fill gaps in your currently scheduled campaigns. Once you identify the ones you want to use click the title to schedule to your calendar.

Make any edits to the content, select the sender, pick the best tag, confirm the suggested send time, and click the Approve & add campaign to calendar. 

Notice the campaign scheduled on your Content Calendar! 

Repeat this process until your calendar is scheduled out for the next few months! 

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