January 2022 Releases

28 Jan 2022

Birthday Report

Levitate Audience: All Industries

The Levitate Birthday Report consolidates sent messages initiated via birthday automations and birthday dashboard cards. Users can select specific months to browse and see sent birthday messages and details. 

13 Jan 2022

Schedule a Meeting - Attendee Preferred Location

Levitate Audience: All Industries

Levitate offers more end-user preference when booking meetings. Levitate users can allow their meeting attendees to decide if they'd like to meet over the phone, in person, or virtually. 

Turning 72

Levitate Audience: Financial Industry

For Levitate customers in the Financial Industry, it is important to communicate to those turning 72 about Required Minimum Distributions. Luckily, Levitate is able to provide a list of contacts approaching their 72nd birthday. This way, Financial Professionals can initiate a group email to send a 30, 60, or 90 days prior to their birth month!  

Texting Automations

Levitate Audience: All Industries

Levitate Texting Automations enables users to initiate text conversations with contacts at designated times. Contact can continue the conversation directly from their mobile device. As well, if a customer responds with "unsubscribe" or "stop" they are automatically removed form future tests. 

11 Jan 2022

Handling Recurring Email Addresses

Levitate Audience: Customers with Integrations

Levitate combines contacts with the same email address to prevent duplicate emails to a single inbox. For customers utilizing an integration, Levitate fails contacts when 10 or more share the same email address. We will also ignore email addresses with invalid formatting.

5 Jan 2022

Expiring Email Templates

Levitate Audience: All Industries

Expiration dates are now available for Levitate email templates. This way, for example, holiday templates are not sending past a reasonable date (due to business hours, capacity, etc.). Customers will be notified when scheduling a template that has an expiry date and will not be able to schedule past that date. 

4 Jan 2022

Compliance Approval Enabled for All Customers

Levitate Audience: Financial Industry

For our clients in the Financial vertical, many have to get compliance approval on content going out to more than 2 recipients. Levitate has a workflow just to facilitate that process. 

Essentially, you can now schedule campaigns in advance — once it's scheduled, it's held in a "pending" state and will NOT actually send until you come back later and mark it as approved by compliance. In the meantime we will automatically send you a copy of the campaign (and in PDF format) so you can get it approved with ease.

For all Financial customers, this workflow is a setting that is turned on by default. If you are your own compliance officer or do not need compliance approval prior to sending out campaigns, you can reach out to your Success Manager or Support@LevitateApp.com to turn this feature off.

You can learn more about the process here: Getting Compliance Approval Help Article

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