Levitate + Clio Integration Overview

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Levitate + Clio: What is the integration?

Who can utilize the Levitate + Clio integration?

What does the integration do?

What do we pull in?

What do we push to Clio? 

Enabling the Clio Integration


What is the integration? 

Clio is the #1 Practice Management Platform for attorneys and most frequently used by Levitate customers, so it only made sense to build a full API integration with Clio Manage to keep your client list updated on a daily basis. The integration takes 15 seconds to enable and automatically loads in your active and inactive clients (or all your contacts from Clio if you prefer) and creates tags and Key Facts in Levitate to help you target your messaging and stay top of mind. 

Who is this available to?

The Clio integration is available to all Legal accounts.

What does it do?

Levitate will automatically pull contacts, key facts, and tags from Clio Manage. Data syncs nightly, keeping the data evergreen. Contact information includes first and last name, phone number, email address, preferred physical address, company name, Matters, and your custom fields. With the integration, tags will automatically update as you do things like add new clients or close cases, which will allow our Business Plus customers to trigger automations. 

What do we pull in?

First Name

Last Name

Physical address

Email address

Phone number

Company name

Clio Client ID (key fact)


Matter Description (key fact)

Client  (tag, based on whether the contact has at least one Matter, regardless of Open/Close state) 

Active Client or Past Client (tag)

Personal (tag) 

Person (tag) - indicates you are representing this person

Responsible and Originating Attorney (tag)

Company (tag) - indicates you are representing this Company, the contact person associated with this Company is individual you’re working with on behalf of the Company

Group Practice Area(s)* (tag)-  can be disabled

Custom Fields* - can be enabled and cherry-picked. Only Custom Fields that are Select Boxes or Dropdowns from Clio will sync to Levitate (multi-line response fields will not)

Related Contacts

Additional Options

By default we only pull in contacts with a Client tag (whether they are Active or Past Clients). Optionally, we can pull in all contacts (those Clio contacts who have never been associated with a Matter). 

What do we push to Clio?

Notes, emails, and texts in Levitate (via the Web UI or email plugins) will automatically push back to Clio.

Enabling the Clio Integration

If you are a Clio customer and want to enable the Levitate + Clio integration, just let your Success Manager know! They’ll enable the integration for you which allows you to connect your Clio account from your Levitate Dashboard. 

The Clio Integration is a multi-user integration, meaning that each Levitate user on the account will be required to log in to Clio using their unique username and password.

We use Clio’s OAuth as the authentication mechanism, thus we do not store or request a user’s Clio credentials -- you will be directed to Clio’s login page if not already authenticated.

Your Success Manager can help disable and enable all the optional settings for Tags and Contact Ownership (See “What do we pull in” above) 

There are three options for Levitate contact ownership with the Clio integration. While we default to the Responsible Attorney for the most recent Matter, you can also choose Originating Attorney or a Primary Levitate User to own all contacts. If a contact does not have a Responsible Attorney or an Originating Attorney, we will always fall back on the Primary Levitate User. 

Quick Cheat Sheet:

Active Client Has 1+ Open Matters
Past Client Has only Closed Matters
Group Practice Area Enabled by Default for Open Matters
Custom Fields* Can be Enabled on Request
Ownership Responsible Attorney by Default can be changed to Originating Attorney or Primary User


Q:  Do we push changes to contact data from Levitate back to Clio?

A:   No, Clio is your Practice Management Platform and remains your source of truth for contact info, we just read the contacts as you have them in Clio. You can add additional information, new tags, new key facts and we won’t override them, but you don’t want to change the data we’re pulling from Clio. 

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