Track Email with Levitate - Outlook Plugin

One of our most popular features within our most popular tool is the ability to track your outgoing emails using the Levitate Outlook Plugin.

How does it work?

When you are composing a new email, you can check the "Track with Levitate" checkbox, and the following will happen:

  1. Levitate will record a copy of your outgoing email as a note (you can find it in the recipient's profile).
  2. Levitate will notify you when the email has been viewed (silently, like a ninja, no read-receipt required). How does this work? We embed an invisible pixel into the email body so when it gets loaded again, we'll count it as read.

In fact, so many of our customers love this feature so much that you can now check a box in Settings to make sure this is always on!

Once the "Always track sent emails with Levitate" is checked, we will track all outgoing emails on that computer. Please note that this feature only works for the Microsoft Store version of the Outlook Plugin for now.