Overview: Tag Notifications

First of all, what is Levitate's Tag Notifications feature? Essentially, you can tag a group of contacts and set a goal for how often you want to stay in touch with them by setting a Tag Notification. Then Levitate will automatically remind you when the time is up, preventing individuals from slipping through the cracks.

Click on the Tags & Reports tab.

Here you are able to manage your tags. Click on the manage tags box.

You are able to view all of the tags that are linked to your contacts. Let’s say you want to manage your “besties” tag. Click on the tag.

Within the besties tag, you can see that you have 12 people tagged as a “bestie”. Click the checkbox to say “Stay top of mind with contacts in this tag group”

There are options for how often you desire to contact your tag selected. Say you want the contact owner to contact their “besties” every 2 months. Change the preferences within the first bullet point.

Next, choose who you would like to send the keep in touch reminder to. In this case since the contact owner was the one whose communication was being tracked, it would make sense to want to send the contact owner a reminder to keep in touch. 

You are also able to send a copy of a reminder to an email address. You can put in whatever email you would like to send a reminder to.

Make sure you click the blue Save button at the bottom of the keep in mind box. A green confirmation should appear at the top of the screen when your preferences are set.