Unsubscribe Email Recipients

To unsubscribe someone, you can find the recipient in the Levitate app and checking the Unsubscribe box below his/her profile.

This will prevent this person from receiving group emails, but they can still receive emails if you are sending just to them.

1. Log in to https://secure.levitate.ai

2. Click the Contacts tab on the left-hand navigation bar

3. Search for the contact

4. Click the contact's name

5. Click the check box "Unsubscribe this contact from my group emails" (below the tag section)

Alternatively, if you are using the Levitate Outlook Plugin, you can unsubscribe someone as soon as they reply by checking the same box; their profile should be pulled up next to their email already.

Adding Unsubscribe Language in Your Signature

As a best practice (and to ensure that you are complying with the CAN-SPAM Act), we automatically add text to the bottom of your email signature to allow recipients to opt-out of receiving emails from you. This is automatically applied to emails with 5+ recipients. The text is similar to the below image and can always change it in Settings.

When someone receives your email with the above instructions, and they reply to opt-out, we will try our best to detect key phrases (like Unsubscribe) and check the unsubscribe box under their profile for you.

If we are not able to auto-detect in certain cases, please use the two methods mentioned at the beginning of the article to unsubscribe a recipient.

What about an "Unsubscribe" link the recipient can click?

Mass-blasts are required to have the Unsubscribe link at the bottom. When you receive an email with the Unsubscribe link at the bottom, it becomes very obvious that it was a mass-blasted email. Our way to unsubscribe above is a little more personal. If you, however, would rather prefer to use the Unsubscribe link anyway, you can enter {{unsubscribe link}} below your signature and that'll turn into "click here".