Levitate Mobile App for iOS and Android

For our customers who are constantly on the go, you can get the Levitate mobile app for either your iPhone or Android device.

iPhone users: go to the App Store and search for "Levitate PRM" by Real Magic.
Android users: go to the Store and search for "Levitate".


Business card scanner

That's right, if you have a stack of business cards collecting dust somewhere, download our mobile app and hit the blue plus circle at the bottom, then select  "Scan Business Card" to take a photo of the business card. We will automatically transcribe the information on the photo into a real contact.

Levitate Pro Tip: When you scan in a business card, add a “Tag” for where you met the person! You can later send out a group email to everyone you met at that conference/business meeting.

Texting with Levitate

Certain Levitate account plans provide companies the ability to text their clients directly from Levitate. The Levitate mobile app enables users to text directly from their mobile device. Simply click Texting in the navigation to initiate a conversation. All conversations will sync between the mobile app and the web application. 

Import your mobile contacts

Bring your mobile contacts into Levitate and have them sync automatically. To do this, click on the menu item in the top left corner and select Contacts. From here click on the blue + in the top right corner and then use the option for "Import contacts from my phone". If you select the checkbox for Continue to load new contacts from phone, Levitate will continue to sync any new contacts that you create on your phone.

Tagging Game

Tag your contacts from the mobile app to get organized. To do this, click on the menu item in the top left corner and select Contacts. There will be an option for the tagging game at the top of the screen.

Levitate Pro Tip: Use the tagging game to organize and tag all your contacts in Levitate. This game also allows you to clean up and delete any contacts that you do not need to keep in touch with.

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