Made Simple: Levitate Contact Profiles

  1. Edit Contact Info
    1. If you click the edit button in the top right corner of the customer information section. When editing the contact, you are able to change the name, job title, company, website, address, email, etc...
  2. Contact Visibility
    1. You are able to change the visibility of the contact from all employees to only me this may be necessary if you view them as an important lead or have notes within the profile that you do not want other coworkers to view.
  3. Keep in Touch
    1. You can easily keep in touch with a contact using the Set a reminder to keep in touch link. THe drop-down menu lists time frames that you will be reminded to contact the person if there is no contact already logged for them. When you choose a Keep in Touch option, you can see how ofteen you are due to contact that person.
  4. Relationship Analytics
    1. You are able ot view your last interaction with a contact. The time period that has passed is color-coded green, yellow, red or gray.
    2. Green: Contacts within the past 30 days.
    3. Yellow: Contacted within the past year.
    4. Red: No contact for the past year OR tag alert is due for the contact.
    5. Gray: No interaction within the system OR new contact.
  5. Key Facts
    1. Add a key fact by cliking on the blue add key fact link. If you have a call with this contact and learn their spouses name or information specific to this person you can create additional key facts to personalize your communication.
  6. Tags
    1. Here you can easily add tags to group or categorize your contacts.
  7. Notes/Actions/History
    1. Here you will view a timeline of all recorded communication with this contact.
  8. Timeline Filters
    1. You can use this dropdown to filter which interactions you would like to view on the timeline.
  9. Connections
    1. This tab allows you to see which co-workers have also interacted with this contact. It also allows you to assign/view the contact owner.
  10. The + Button
    1. Hovering over the + will give you the options to record a note, record a phone call, create an action item, start an automation, send an email

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